Planning Commission

The Alaiedon Township planning commission is made up of seven members appointed by the Township Board.

The basic function of the planning commission is to develop and adopt a plan for the township in the form of a Master Plan (approved in 2006) and a Zoning Ordinance. (# 103, adopted January 26, 2009)

The planning commission is also asked by the township board to research and develop recommendations for other ordinances. In addition, the commission is responsible for reviewing plats or subdivisions and special use permits for which they make recommendations to the township board for final action.

Planning Commission

  • Matt Oesterle, Chair

  • Laurie Koelling, Co-Chair

  • Kim Hafley, Secretary

  • Beth Smith, Twp. Board Rep.

  • Barbara Kranz

  • William Schneider

  • Jason Buher

March 15, 2021                    Agenda               Minutes
October 19, 2020                 Agenda               Minutes
September 21, 2020            Agenda               Minutes
August 24, 2020                  Agenda               Minutes
June 15, 2020                      Agenda               Minutes
February 3, 2020                 Agenda               Minutes
January 6, 2020                   Agenda               Minutes

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